Saturday, 20 June 2015

Tulum, Monk and the sea.

Hello world, 

Today I am writing from the wonderfully relaxed Tulum, Mexico. As some of you may know, I am on my way to Belize, where I will spend the next month (together with Cat and Ella) working on artifacts at the local museum. The plan is to take the bus down to Chetumal on Sunday where we will change for the bus to Belize. I will report more from Belize, for now, enjoy the beach with me :) 

This  gentleman wishing he could just fly away after a day of hard work (he has been working all day, cleaning up the seaweed that the storm brought in). 

We got here yesterday evening and so far we really haven't left this great little beach bar called "The Mezcal Monk".  They play reggae all day long, have perfect piña coladas and mango daiquiris. Perhaps the main attraction however, is the little boy called Vladimir. This little rebel chills to reggae music, swings on the swing standing up and scares you off the swings by creeping up behind you. 

As you can see the storm season is upon us so the weather may not necessarily be perfect, but it is perfectly relaxing :) 

Till later world, 

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